Consultancy & Surveying


Thompson Tree Services (Midlands) Ltd offer an extensive Consultancy and Surveying service because of a variety of reasons; it may be that the safety and health of the tree need to be established as a result of damage, age, or disease. Alternatively, it could simply be the requirements of a mortgage report or part of a planning application that requires tree surveys.


We use Pear Technology Tree Management software and survey equipment; this is because it is designed mainly for the tree surgeon, contractor or land manager seeking to meet Duty of Care responsibilities. Our hand-held, GPS based equipment enables fast and efficient tree survey data-capture. So, for both general surveys and to meet the latest BS5837 or equivalent requirements.
This enables us to provide a user-friendly, efficient mapping system for any size of land, as well as for any number of requirements. From a domestic garden to a large-scale conservation area we are able to collate continuous information on trees, plants, and anything that may be a requirement to the survey. This information and the details required can be updated and accessed simply and easily without the need to re-survey the area in full depth. We will need to make a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) application to establish what work can be undertaken or what restrictions may be in place.

Tree Surveys for Planning & Development

If there are trees on or near a proposed development, your planning applications will need a BS5837 tree survey. Councils may refuse to validate your planning applications which could consequently delay your project. Therefore, we provide professional and clear reports that maximize the chances of planning success.

Tree Safety Surveys

Dangerous, poorly managed trees can result in tragic outcomes, which you could be held liable for as a result. Tree owners have a legal duty to take a balanced as well as a proportionate approach to tree safety. A tree that could cause harm if it fell must be inspected by a competent person and of course, managed to keep risks low.

Tree Surveys for Mortgage & Insurers

Mortgage lenders often ask for a tree survey as a condition of granting a mortgage; also, insurers may require a tree survey to assess if trees are implicated in subsidence damage. As a result, our services range from pre-purchase mortgage tree surveys for homeowners to subsidence claim appraisals. 

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